My first official family Hari Raya 2009

It’s my first time celebrating Hari Raya with my new husband and my extended family. Last weekend, we donned our new traditional Malay outfits and drove up to visit his side of the family in Penang for the celebrations.

The whole festivities were not new to me. We live in a multi cultural society anyways. Being in a “muhibbah” country, I have attended my fair share of Raya Open House. This time is different for me because I’m here with my new extended family. Mother in law, aunts, uncles, cousins and nephews.

The house is beautifully festive with beautiful Raya costumes, delicious spread of Malay food and munchies. We posed for family pictures and lined up in order for our “beraya” traditions. We exchanged Raya wishes, apologies and well wishes to one another. This is also the first year where me and my husband are giving away “duit raya”.

It was not too foreign for me. We do similar tradition and rituals for Chinese New Year, too. The best fun of the entire celebration is being around family and close friends to ring in the festivities.

I am looking forward again to many more years of spending Hari Raya with my extended family again. They’re all truly warm, friendly and accepted me into thei family with open arms. Of course, there’s the usual questions about any upcoming offsprings. *sigh*

Interestingly, me and my husband, being so multi-racial will now be celebrating Raya, Chinese New Year (where we part with duit raya / ang pow) and Christmas (where we part with presents). If I’m Chindian, we would also celebrate Deepavali, too. I simply love being Malaysian!!!

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