Technology you wish was created

I was recently debating about iPod and Creative Zen mp3 players with some friends. Apparently, the new generation of iPod Nano now has an FM transmitter to allow you to listen to the radio and also record them. The Apple fanboy was very excited. Only to be told by me later that the Creative Zen players have always been able to do that since forever with their players. Also, the Creative mp3 players don’t need iTunes to work. You just drag and drop or sync with your default Windows Media Player.

Instead of debating the “anything but Apple” discussion, we side tracked to talk about technology as a whole. Reminiscing about the good ole days when Walkman was created, then it became portable mp3 players with the likes of iPod, Creative and other mp3 players out there. Portable music, hmmm… who would’ve thought?

Which got us thinking about the revolution of a technology over the years in our lifetime. When TV used to be tuning switches and in Black and White to the thin LED ones in stores now that almost cannot work without a remote. From old Atari game consoles to the many choices of Xbox 360, Playstation3 and Nintendo Wii. Also portable game consoles like Gameboy, Nintendo DS and the PSP. Remember how we lived without mobile phones, to the first generation of luggage style mobile, car phones and super slim mobile we have today. Also remember the many generations of computers we went through.

Speaking about portability of technology, we can now listen to music anywhere anytime, play games anywhere anytime, call someone anywhere anytime, have internet access anywhere anytime, watch a movie anywhere anytime. What else should or would be created next to have flexibility to do once stationary activities anywhere anytime?

The Amazon Kindle e-reader is one thing that fascinates me. I believe this is the evolution and introduction of a new portable technology. We can download e-books and read them anywhere anytime with the e-reader. However, this technology is still new and rather costly. But imagine, in the next few years, wouldn’t it be nice if we have a paperback sized e-reader that will ultimately replace all the books we buy today?

I personally enjoy reading. My bookcase is so over-flowed and I desperately need more space for my ever expanding collection of books. I would love to be able to turn them all digital (like we did with our music) and have them stored electronically on a standard paperback sized e-reader that I can carry them anywhere. Of course, the battery life has to be damn good. I sometimes finish a book in one reading. Also, if we can make them splash water-proof, that would be excellent. I can bring them to my vacations when I lounge at the beach or the pool. I can’t wait for this to materialise, very soon I hope. And I know we’re not far.

There are many other things that technology can help benefit our lives. Making things portable so we no longer have to be stuck to a chair or at home to enjoy. I know that this also means that human are getting lazier by the minute and thinking of more gadgets to give us more time to do something else more productive. Like… thinking of more ways to improve ourself and coming up with better technology to save time? Ahhhh… the circle of life.

Tell me, what kind of technology or gadget do you wish were invented? What do you wish to see better your life if someone can create this? Drop me a comment…

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