Power Outage – What to do?

Yesterday, the apartment’s electricity was cut off for the day. After paying the outstanding payments, we still had to wait the rest of the day until they reconnect the electricity at 6pm.

Interestingly, we were baffled on how to spend a day in the house with no electricity. Our usual days, we would either be working on the computer, watching TV or downloaded videos, playing games on the console, perhaps taking a nap in an air-conditioned room. Without any of these electrical items active, it was a struggle to last the day.

Which interestingly enough made me think of what one does to kill time without electricity?

So I start to be creative to think of 10 things that you can possibly do, productive things and not just a matter of sitting around in the warm Malaysian heat, although indoors.

1. Play with the dog – Oscar, my mini schnauzer is sometimes deprived of quality time with mommy and daddy. He also needs a shower and some grooming badly. Electricity might be gone, but the water is still working.

2. Take a nice long bath. This would work if we haven’t ripped out our bathtub when we renovated the bathroom. I think this would be a perfect relaxation.

3. Read a book. This doesn’t require anything but a good book and a chair. I did this as a perfect way to finish up the book I was reading which was not exactly a page-turner, but good enough.

4. Lounge by the pool. Thank heavens we live in a condo with a pool. The good thing is power points are available, but if we’re to do without electricity for good, it’ nice to take a swim on a hot sunny day. Reading a book by the pool would be nice, too. Just like on vacations.

5. Cleanup the house. Although without a fan or air-condition, this means that the sweats will come pouring like monsoon. But what better way to lose some weight and have a clean home? I know of a cluttered bookshelf and store room that could do some re-arranging.

6. Use your wireless electronics til it’s out of juice. You have your phone, your laptop, your iPod, etc. Time to make use of them while the battery lasted. Still can do some work on your laptop, listen to music or watch some videos on your phone or iPod.

7. Cook something nice. Plenty of time to spend in the kitchen. You can start marinating and preparing food for dinner. Maybe even try to bake? Good time to try out your culinary skills.

8. Start recording my YouTube videos on my battery powered camera. It has been awhile since I posted anything on YouTube. I can record my videos on my topic of choice. With any power i have left on my laptop / netbook, I can possibly edit them too. All done offline, without electricity or going online.

9. Nap in the heat, sprawled out on the floor. Just like dogs when it’s hot, lie face up with arms and legs open wide on the floor. Open the windows (and thankfully in my case, the balcony doors). Without a fan or a/c, you would be sweating on the bed or couch. So lie on the floor with a little coolness and take a nap. Might not be super comfy but at least it’s good for your back. You know chiropractors recommend hard surface to sleep on if you have a bad back.
10. Go out. If all else fails and you really can’t stand being inside the house with nothing much to do – go out. Hang out at Starbucks for their free power and wifi. Go to the gym with air-conditioning, techno music, free CNN / MTV and build those muscles. Go shopping (or window shopping if you’re short on cash like me).

This reminds me on Earth Day not too long ago, when people around the world switched off their lights (and all electronics) for an hour. Some did it and went out. Some chose to stay in to experience the true meaning of participation on Earth Day. I did the former.

If you participated, what did you do? Or if you’ve experienced what I did with power outage, what would you do?

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