Celebrities who look alike

Inspired by this clip I saw on E! I decided to post this blog about several celebrities who look alike. No, not celebrities look-alike but celebrities who looks like each other.

To start off with the ladies (ladies always comes first), here are a few female celebrities that I think could be twins or sisters or can easily fool the paps by pretending to be the other person.

Zooey Deschanel vs Katy Perry

Helen Hunt vs Lee Lee Sobieski

Susan Sarandon vs Julianne Moore

Courtney Cox vs Nelly Furtado

America Ferrera vs Jordin Sparks

Beyonce vs Shakira

Meagan Good vs Megan Fox

Christina Aguilera vs Lady Gaga vs Gwen Stefani

Moving on, here are the list of male celebrities that I think look like a spitting image of each other.

Benicio Del Toro vs Brad Pitt

Gerard Butler vs Maksim Chmerkovskiy (from Dancing With The Stars)

Justin Timberlaks vs Orlando Bloom

James Dean vs James Franco (perfect casting)

Jim Carrey vs Chip Esten (from Who’s Line Is It Anyway)

Brandon Routh vs Nick Jonas (both pretty boys)

Michael Jackson vs John Hensley (from Nip/Tuck)

Bono vs Robin Williams

Shia LaBeouf vs Nick Jonas (imagine Nick minus poofy hair)

These are all that I can think of right now. Let me know if you agree after thinking about it. Also, do drop me a note if you think of any other celebrities who look alike and if I agree, I might just add it on to the list.

2 thoughts on “Celebrities who look alike

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  1. Most of your male comparisons are way off. The Christina Aguilera, Gwen, Lady Gaga comparisons are way off too. If you change the hair style, they would look completely different (Gaga is nowhere near as attractive as the other two).


  2. I would also say the same thing about Beyonce and Shakira. With the right hairstyle they can look similar but facial wise, Beyonce's features are different from Shakira's and she is taller too.


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