My Top 5 Favourite YouTube vloggers

When I started this project of blogging and vlogging, I did some research and checked out what other people are talkng about. I had no specific topic in mind that I am an expert in and I wanted a channel and a project for me to be passionate about. I have a lot of thoughts in this brain of mine that I knew I could churn up enough interesting stories for people to read.

Once I got into watching YouTube vloggers, I came across some very interesting people who basically just found a channel to record themselves talking to the camera and having interesting thoughts for the world. So, here I count down my Top 5 favourite YouTube vloggers that you should also check out.

#5 NigaHiga

Ryan Higa is an American born Japanese. His name popped up in my research for being the Most Subscribed YouTube channel. I can’t really comment on the number of viewers he has (my research has conflicting numbers) but I started watching his videos. He makes spoof videos and commercials that are quite entertaining. Although some of his work are average to me. This one is one of my favourite recent videos he did on a Carl’s Junior burger.

#4 KevJumba

Kevin Wu is a an American born Asian teenager living in Texas. His big break came when he vlogged about being an Asian stereotype in America. He aspires to be a comedian like Dave Chappelle and started vlogging. My first thought was that he was a cute Asian kid who kinda reminds me of Shia LeBouff. This clip here brought him to stardom when he mit millions of views on being Asian in America. He has some funny clips occassionally and has become a YouTube celebrity now. I still enjoy his vlogs.

#3 Community Channel

Natalie Tran is a Vietnamese born Australian. Her early work on YouTube mostly started from responding to videos she found. She has made over 150+ videos to date. She is the No. 1 Most Subscribed YouTuber in Australia, gaining her some local celebrity-dom. I haven’t had a chance to watch all her videos yet but I have my favourites. Here’s one of her latest.

#2 College Humour

Although not born from YouTube, they started with a website. This is like Comedy Central in New York, America where they perform little skits and sketches about all things funny. I recently only discovered them but found them to be hilarious. Spawning TV series out of the project, they have been hugely popular. I found too many videos from them that are hilarious like The Matrix spoof, Minesweeper (if it were a movie) and their latest video spoof on Slumdog Millionaire. Here’s an iPod commercial spoof I like.

#1 Philip DeFranco (sxephil)

Hands down, The Philip DeFranco Show is my favourite YouTube vlogger. He has 3-5 mins video clips 3 times a week on whatever subject that catches his fancy. It ranges from politics, celebrity news, new dicoveries and my favourite segment “Douche Bag Of The Day”. He has done hundreds of videos and it’s hard for me to point out only one of my favourite. So here’s his latest one (as of today) so you get an idea of his style. The true vlogger, just plain old him, his opinion and the camera. Love him and I subscribe and follow his videos like a hawk!!!

With all these great YouTube vloggers out there in cyberspace, comes little ole’ me. A newbie in the scene trying to break into the whole “talking to a camera” thing. Truly appreciate all your support in me getting into this new project.

So, if you have a Google ID (Gmail account will do), please click “Follow” here on my website and go to my YouTube channel and click “Subscribe”. Appreciate any rating and comments on my video and your support is deeply deeply appreciated.

Meanwhile, enjoy YouTubing…

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