Rest In Peace, MJ & Farrah

In Loving Memory of…
Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) & Farrah Fawcett (1947 – 2009)

It is sad that when I got up this morning, I hear about the tragic death of Michael Jackson. He suffered from a cardiac arrest and was administered CPR. He then went into a coma and was brough to the UCLA Hospital. He tragically left us this morning at the age of 50, the eve of his 51st birthday.

No matter what the media circus made of this man, he is still a legend nonetheless. All the stories about his plastic surgeries, his Neverland ranch, him dangling his baby on the balcony and the child molestation accusations, I still belief that he is simply an eccentric man who is a Peter Pan at heart. Eccentricity is what he is – I feel for him when the press tried to paint a bad picture of him. Nevertheless, I still love the man for his passion and his legacy of great songs and performances that he has showered us over the years.

I grew up loving Michael. His music is legendary and even with all the radio stations blasting his music all day today, I don’t mind. He has many hit records that are still beautiful and I love listening (and singing to) today. It’s a shame the future generation will only know him as a legend that he is and not be able to hear or see him perform anymore. I regret deeply now for not making it to his concert when he was here in KL years ago.

With this shocking story, the social media went mad today. Everywhere you go online, you see stories about his death. On Google, News channels, and my Facebook was flooded, too. I see no one in the world who is not shocked with this news.

Even the celeb blogger queen, Perez Hilton has been blasted for his report of the King of Pop’s admission to the hospital, citing that he was faking his illness out of cold feet for his upcoming concert tour next month. Which I’m sure Perez is regretting now after hearing of the pop king’s demise.

While the world is talking about the death of Michael Jackson, we also forgot about the death of another iconic celebrity – Farrah Fawcett. The actress has been battling with anal cancer since 2006. Her recent documentary hit over 9 million viewers and was trying to share with the world her pain and battle through this difficult ordeal. At the age of 62, she passed away with her new fiance, Ryan O’Neal and best friend, Alana Stewart by her bedside.

The Charlie’s Angel star’s death was overshadowed by the death of the King of Pop. Some say she died on the wrong day. So much media attention was taken away from her death, especially after she struggled with her cancer for so long.

Farrah was well known for being a sex symbol back in the 70s and was the first actress with a haircut named after her (yes, way before the “Rachel” hairdo). The “Farrah flip” was huge and made me want to don the hairdo again now in rememberance of the lovely actress.

Nevertheless, the media took the stories to a new low by rumours of other celebrity deaths. It was reported that Jeff Goldblum had apparently died fallen off a cliff during the shooting of a new movie in New Zealand. This story was later confirmed untrue. Why would people make up silly jokes like these at times like these?
Here, I am paying a tribute for a moment of silence to remember two truly iconic stars. We will always remember you for the legends that you are.

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