Matthew McConaughey – an actor?

Is it me or does everyone notice that all the romantic comedies that Matthew McConaughey has been in are similar. He doesn’t act very well in them. Actually, there’s absolutely no acting skills involved in those movie for him at all. He’s basically playing himself!!!

I was tempted to write this after hearing about his new movie, “Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past” where he was playing opposite Jennifer Garner.

Seriously, think about it. Also, every movie (and I hear also in person), he will find all the chance that he can to remove his shirt. I know, I know – he’s got a good body, but enough with the flaunting already. Is that all he can do to distract the audience from noticing his lack of acting chops?

Let’s review all the movies he’s done over the years. Here, I list a few of them:-

Fool’s Gold – with Kade Hudson, where he plays an unreliable underwater treasure hunter. His wife wants a divorce because of his unreliable, nonchalant attitude. He lives on his boat and beach and allows him plenty of shirtless moments.

Failure to Launch – his love interest is Sarah Jessica Parker. I know that he did a small cameo apprearance on SATC which is probably how they met and started talking about doing this movie. Already SJP have been semi type cast to play only Carrie Bradshaw (poor girl), now you have (again) the useless, bumming 30 something who still lives with his parents. Another unreliable, nonchalant, mimbo of a guy.

How To Lose A Guy in 10 days – across Kate Hudson again. This was the first time they collaborated. Again, this character was a commitment phobic that Kate’s character unfortunately took on as her “project”. Another unreliable, nonchalant, mimbo role.

The Wedding Planner – with Jennifer Lopez. This I have to say was a movie that J-Lo’s crew basically created for her to get into the romantic comedy type movie in an attempt to turn her into America’s sweetheart. But failed. Don’t get me started on the other romantic comedy movies she’s played since then.

In general, I can sum up all of Matthew McConaughey’s movie roles in one word – MIMBO. And I have a pretty strong feeling that he is one in real life. Cruising around with Lance Armstrong being the “playboy” that he is. With girls on his arms all the time, the unreliable, nonchalant attitude. He is the typical MIMBO. That’s male bimbo, for those of you who don’t know the term.

And stop walking around shirtless already!!! I’m so sick of watching paparazzo pics of him shirtless.

I won’t be holding my breath for a movie that he’s going to star in where it’ll be Oscar worthy – I just don’t think he has any acting skills, whatsoever. He has seriously not played anyone but himself… How does this guy still have an acting career???

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  1. ever seen reign of fire;)? in this movie he deffinately shows some acting skills, and he plays a completely different role compared to his roles in the movies above.


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