The collapse of Jaya Supermarket @ Sec 14, PJ

I was driving home from work on Thursday evening and I heard over the radio that there’s a jam building up at Sec 14 leading around Jaya Supermarket in Section 14. Not long after that, I found out that the beloved Jaya Supermarket’s rebuilding block has collapsed on Thurs, May 28th 2009.

This landmark is very significant to me. I studied in Sri Aman Secondary School and this mall has been our local mall hangout back then. I remember I used to go there every Friday after school in the afternoon. On Sundays, after my dance classes at Federal Academy of Ballet (FAB), I used to hang out there for lunch. My childhood dentist is also here, when I got my braces in high school. This was my lepak place back in school.

I admit that since moving to KL, I have not been there lately and didn’t even know that the building was closed, owned by a new developer and is going through a reconstruction exercise since Feb 2008.

*Image Source : The Star Online

When I heard about the devastating news that the building had collapsed last evening, it was unsettling. Thanks to Google News, I read about further details of the story here and here.

As of now, another body was recovered from the rubble of the collapsed Jaya Supermarket building at 4pm Friday, taking the death toll to four.

For more up-to-date progress on the rescue mission, do check Star Online.

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