American Idol Season 8

After about 2 weeks since the season finale of American Idol Season 8, there’s still a lot of talk and foul-cry about the crowned winner. On the final judgment week of the final performance and results show, everyone was quite sure on who should win between the battle of the flamboyant, theater performer, Adam Lambert versus the “married” boy-next-door, Kris Allen.

Kris Allen & Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert has been a clear favourite among the judges from the very beginning. Simon Cowell has complimented him several ocassions, even giving him a standing ovation at one point. Paula Abdul also had went public on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show citing that she thinks Adam will win. She let out that she has a habit of writing down her guess for Final 2 at the start of auditions and have them mailed back to her close to the finale. This season, she had her bet on Adam Lambert vs Danny Gokey. The finale result show was very much skewed towards crowning Adam. Rock performances with guests like Queen, Kiss, No Doubt. Come on….

When the winner was announced, alot of people were upset. Demanded for recount. Thinks the American voters have got it all wrong. Even the winner himself was baffled and told the reporters that he couldn’t fathom his win and thinks that Adam should win.

So why didn’t Adam Lambert win? There were many speculations on this topic.

Adam Lambert is gay. Adam has been very vague to the press and public about his sexual orientation. Personally, I don’t see this as an issue at all. I mean, what kind of day and age are we living in today? Furthermore, he was a theatre performer, the fact that he could be gay shouldn’t even be a topic at all. Although, after some digging and the hinted comment from Ryan Seacrest on the finale that Adam has taken all these issues in stride. Here’s some images I found by simply Google-ing Adam Lambert on Google Images.

*Image Source : BuddyTV

Conservative vs Liberal match. As ridiculous as this sound, the Americans had treated this as another political rally. A karaoke competition has turned into another political fight between the Conservative party (Team Kris Allen) versus the Liberal party (Team Adam Lambert). Kris has always been the predictable package. Adam, on the other hand, has been wow-ing people with his performance and outfit choices. The wholesome Kris Allen was pleasing to the eye and “acceptable” to the average American family.

Danny Gokey supporters vote. Since the 2nd runner up Danny Gokey left the competition, it was disappointing for some. Although, most of Gokey’s supporters have always been anti-Adam. So it’s safe to assume that they just moved their vote to Kris instead. This might contribute to a huge win on Kris’ part. Lucky fella.

AT&T screwing with vote. There’s been another round of speculation lately that AT&T, the official operator sponsor of the competition have been accused of foul-play over Kris Allen’s win. Apparently, AT&T released a new service called “Power Texting” that enables users to send 10 or more SMS at once. The AT&T reps have been supporting 2 of Kris Allen’s events and performing demo of this service and providing free text service to his supporters. This offer was not made to the Adam Lambert camp.

Although I am an Adam Lambert fan, I still believe that he will have a much better career than Kris Allen. This will be another case where the runner up (or Idol rejects, as they call it) end up having a better career than the winner. Clay Aiken, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, David Archuletta were some of the non-winners that seemed to have made bigger impact and headlines for their careers after Idol.

Although I am not that bitterly upset, I sincerely hope that Kris Allen will have a good career out of this as well. All these controversy and outcry has not helped cement these 2 unbelievable vocalists career, but have certainly helped American Idol in their branding. No press is bad press. Even bad press have got people’s tongue wagging. Although, I do remember hearing that their finale have the lowest recorded viewer rating in AI history. 😦

One thing I always remember is when (one of my favourite software engineer looking geek) Anoop-dogg impersonates Kris’ slanting mouth style when he hits the high notes. Leaving you with this picture to just remember what a great season it is (again) for Simon Fuller.

Feel free to jot down your thoughts on this controversy. Final note, no matter how upset we are about the result, how much we yell that we’re boycotting the show, I am sure we’ll tune in again same time next year! You know you’re watching because of Simon Cowell.

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