Puppy Love

Remember the days when we were young, naive and care-free. We fall in love easily and seem to have a crush on a string of teen celebrities, with their posters hanging around every corner of your room. Back when we blush easily at the slightest hint of male attention. We all have our individual stories of our first puppy infatuation.

I met Ben* through some mutual friends. He had a boyish charm about him. The fun guy among his group of male friends. Comedy and jokes come natural for him. This draws a lot of attention among the girls. Sense of humour is the way to a girl’s heart. We attended the same tuition classes and hung out at the local mall together with a bunch of friends. He wrote me my first love letter.

The tiniest gesture or show of affection was appreciated. A stalk or rose for no apparent reason. Just because you’re beautiful. A love letter to tell you how much he thinks about you. Attempts to hold your hand when you’re walking together or watching a movie. Calling you and speaking oh-so-softly on the phone. Being protective of you when you cross the road. Carry your handbag for you, just because it shows people that you’re together. Looking at you apologetically when his friends tease him about you.

Nothing in the world feels as good as your first love. He was everything – the first person who paid attention to you and you liked it. You return the favour and is the proudest person to tell the world that he is your “boyfriend”.

That moment in all our lives will never be relived. Tell me about your first love and the silly things you used to do together. Remember the moments and feel young again.

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