When will we stop banning concerts in KL?

Came across this news article today : Beyonce dumps Malaysia show to avoid Muslim outcry
This is ridiculous. Because of the Muslim conservatives who thinks that skimpy outfits, “running and jumping” on stage is inappropriate and disrespectful, she’s decided to cancel KL altogether.
Now she’s rescheduling her tour to Jakarta instead. Well, Indonesia is a Muslim country as well! So, why are we being so conservative and unreasonable?
Reminds me of when Gwen was here not too long ago, when they wanted to ban her as well. PAS protests Gwen Stefani concertHere they say her concerts are encouraging youngsters to enjoy themselves, mix around too freely, get drunk and commit sins. WTF?
Gwen and the Harajuku girls has to change their wardrobes, wearing jackets and thick black stockings so their knees are not visible through their original see through pantyhose. Her original concert repertoire was for her to mingle with the audience towards the end was scrapped as well.
Remember Madonna cancelled KL tour before many years ago and if I remember correctly – she’s banned here permanently. And remember the MJ concert where he was forbidden to touch his crotch?
This is all ridiculous!!!

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