My Grandfather’s passing

At approx 6.30am on 29th August 2006, my beloved grandfather (mom’s side) passed away on his bed in ICU at General Hospital at 86 years of age.
He was admitted several nights before for his bleeding stomach ulcer. He underwent surgery and the first risk faced was ability to wake up from the anesthesia at his age. He survived the surgery and the anesthesia. Woke up the next day after surgery for abit and went back to sleep.
He was in a coma for about 2 days after. He was brought down to the ICU ward. Thankfully, he woke up after but was very weak. He had difficulty breathing but was glad to see his family by his side.
In the next couple of days, his condition improved. Even talking about coming home to see his family and grandkids and visiting his friends. My mom and her siblings were there by his side.
Me and my brothers were told to only visit him when he gets better and got back to the normal ward (didn’t want to crowd the ICU and he was improving anyways). Suddenly, on the morning of Tuesday morning, I got a call in the middle of my sleep at 8am from my brother telling me that my grandpa has passed on.
It was devastating news. I remember my mom being worried sick the first night he was admitted to the hospital. She teared when she was confessing to me her fears of losing her father. I assured her all will be alright then. It was the hardest to see my grandmother last night at the wake crying hysterically at the corner in the midst of the prayers.
The wake would continue tonight. Funeral will be tomorrow, on National Day where he will be buried at Rawang Memorial Park. A celebratory day turned solemn as my family mourns…
Thank you to my friends for your wishes…

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