My First Kitchen Fire

On Sunday night, me and boyfriend went grocery shopping to stock up on fresh food and drinks. Being an amateur cook, I only started a couple of months back for those of you who remembered, I had been exploring new recipes from friends and family. I bought a whole lotta fresh food to cook again one day for practice.
We reached home, stored all the food in the fridge and cabinets and decided to make roast chicken. We marinated the chicken, shove it in the mocriwave and decided to make nuggets and fries. My boyfriend suggested we deep fry for better tasting nuggets and fries, so we prepared the chip pan and added loads of oil. While waiting for the stove to heat, we were hungry (it was almost 10.30pm) so I made myself a tuna sandwich and he attacked the Lays potato chips.
We sat out in the hall area, enjoying our “appetizers”. A few minutes later, he said, “Why’s the kitchen so smoky?” Running to the kitchen, we realised that we had completely forgot about the burning chip pan as we thought we’re only waiting for the roast chicken in the microwave. At that time, the fire was only on the pan. Finding no fire extinguisher in the house, he threw a wet towel on the burning stove. That didn’t work!
By the time he ran out to look for a fire extinguisher on the floor and down to call the condo security, the fire spread up to the ventilating hood, burning it completely. Within seconds, it was beyond help and the upper cabinets were affected.
I rushed out to the balcony, opened all he windows and doors, the smoke in the apartment was suffocating. I called the fire dept at 994 and saw my boyfriend run in with the condo security guys.
After about half an hour, the fire was out. They had to pull the fire hose from the lift corridor and as a result, the entire stove area was damaged with the cabinets, the apartment was smoky as hell and the kitchen is flooded.
Half an hour or so later, the fire dept is still not here. Get this – I called 994 again, the guy picked up the call and hung up. I called 112 from my mobile, the lady who answered the phone said they don’t have any records of my previous call. I was transfered to numerous other depts (police station, Bomba Ampang, Bomba Jln Raja Laut, Bomba HQ Jln Hang Tuah) nobody admitted to receiving my call and one guy even confessed that they get a lot of prank calls so most are ignored. Can you believe this?
Luckily the condo security was around. If we waited for the fire dept to come, the whole condo would’ve burnt down.The last guy I spoke to at the Bomba HQ apologised and told me it would never happen again. He said I should call 994 and my calls would be attended to. I screamed at him – “I DID CALL 994!” Idiot!
We’re writing to the major papers to complain about this. Even the police station said there’s nothing they can do about this incompetence. Apparently, theyre isn’t any compains dept as well.
The kitchen is now all cleaned up. The damage to be fixed the next few days. I feel terribly bad about the whole thing. Looking at the damage now, I think I’m gonna stop cooking for awhile. It is said that it happens to everyone at least once – start a kitchen fire. Well, to be honest, I was kinda hoping it would never happen to me. I guess I remember now why I never cooked before.
Lesson learnt :
1. Have all the direct lines for emergency contacts in your area at hand.
2. Take down the name of the person who attended to your call.
3. Get a fire extinguisher in the house!
4. Pay attention when you’re cooking!!!

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