Slow blogging, but still on Social Media…

I’m sitting here past midnight on a Sunday night, where I should be in bed for an early morning at work tomorrow. What was supposed to be a day set aside for blogging, didn’t quite work out as planned. I had family commitments, errands and resting to do (I’m pregnant, remember?).

I noticed I have not been blogging for almost 3  weeks now. I noticed I have plenty of blogposts lining up in my Editorial Calendar as well, nagging me, reminding me how much I have neglected you all. So, I want to point out that you should still follow me on Social Media :-

So, go ahead and follow me there if you haven’t already.


What Have I Been Up To?

I’ve been pregnant…


I owe you guys Part 2 and Part 3 of my personal confessions posts, which I’ll try to find time to write and post soon….

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  And showing you guys my ugly cankles (calves and ankles combined)…

Zooming in on my ugly toes, now with cankles & trotters looking feet. #tmi #grossout #pregnant #swelling #feet #9months

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So I’ve been eating a lot, and enjoying this durian season…

Note : Shell Out review also in my calendar, post coming soon.


Durian feast with family. *burp*#musangking #durian A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on


In case you didn’t know, my little boy,  Oscar the Mini Schnauzer (follow his Facebook Page here) has been sick with Congestive Heart Failure, so I’ve been cherishing and spending a lot of cuddle time with him.


Panadol + Vitamin C + Oscar boy + hot Milo + Bed. 😔😔😔

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It’s too hot. So me & lil Oscar boy will just sit here in the air-conditioned room. #schnauzer #doggie #cute #datface #igdog A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on

Clingy & scared doggie. #thunder #lightning #schnauzer #doggie #cute #datface

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Oscar wanna be close to mommy. #schnauzer #doggie #cute #instadog #datface #saltandpepper A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on

Home & tired from work, but can’t resist cuddling this unwilling, smelly boy. #schnauzer #doggie #cute

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What’s Next?

Personal life aside, I do have some tech gadgets to review and publish…

Got sent this inexpensive Bluetooth Smartwatch U8 (RM 180) from #EnsogoMalaysia to review. #gadget A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on


On top of these personal stuff, and waddling around like a buffalo in my very pregnant state, getting ready for the baby’s arrival, I still have a day  job (9 to 5 office job) to juggle. So, it’s not all peaches and roses for me, right now.

So, I appreciate you bear with me for awhile, while I get my bearings and (hopefully) try to get a schedule on track for regular blogging again. So sorry, guys. I’m not neglecting you or killing this blog just yet, unlike my dilemma not too long ago.

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There will be a little change in blogpost length, frequency and style. Maybe a bit more personal posts as well (like this one) coz these don’t take too much time to write and publish like tech reviews and news.

I’m still here. Are you still here with me?