U Mobile allows mobile data sharing between multiple SIMs

I have a phone and a tablet, both running on separate SIM cards with separate data plans. My tablet is mostly used for news feed reading, the occasional browsing and some YouTube videos. For better YouTube videos, I prefer to connect to my home WiFi for better video quality. I subscribe to a 3GB data plan on both my devices, but almost always never get anywhere near my limit.

If you’re like me, you’d probably wonder if it would be possible to share the same mobile data plan on both your phone and your tablet.


U Mobile Internet Share Plan

Wonder no more, cos there’s good news. U Mobile has recently introduced a new plan just for people like me. The U Mobile “Internet Share Plan” allows you to subscribe to one data plan and share the same limit with 2 or more SIM cards!

U Mobile Internet Share Plan
U Mobile Internet Share Plan HERE

For RM 68 per month (which is what I pay now for my plan), you get to share the same 3GB  mobile internet plan with 2 SIM cards. On top of the 3GB internet allowance, you’ll also get 60 minutes of voice calls to all networks.

RM 68 per month gets you 3GB of mobile internet for 2 SIM cards PLUS 60 minutes of voice calls to all networks!

This is handy for when you have multiple devices, like me, or for those who wish to share mobile internet with their family members. And in case 2 SIM cards for 2 devices is not enough for you, you can add another RM10 monthly for a third SIM card.

Note : Maxis has a Multi SIM 1 Line service, that I used to subscribe to, that allows me to have multiple SIM cards sharing the same voice and SMS plan. Unfortunately though, that service doesn’t extend to your mobile data. 

The Internet Share Plan is a postpaid plan that’s the first in Malaysia allowing data sharing. For more info on the U Mobile Internet Share Plan, check out the Product Page at http://www.u.com.my/postpaid-packages/internet-share-plan


Super Broadband MB68

U Mobile also took the opportunity to announce a new plan for the data users out there – Super Broadband MB68.

U Mobile Super Broadband MB68
U Mobile Super Broadband MB68 HERE

Basically, for RM58 per month (after monthly promotional rebate), you get 10 GB of mobile data! Traditionally a 5GB mobile data plan, U Mobile topped up your allowance with another 5GB for off peak period between 2 am to 8am. You’ll also get a FREE 7.2Mbps USB modem.

RM 58 monthly (promo price) gives you 5GB data (Peak) PLUS 5GB data (Off Peak) with a FREE USB modem.

The promotion is only valid for a year for signups between 15 July to 31 October 2013. The promotional rebate of RM10 is only applicable for 10 months, after which you get back to your RM68 monthly payment.

10GB of data allowance gives you so much more! Surf all you want, go free with your YouTube video streaming, upload all your high res pictures and post all your Social Media updates non-stop. 10 GB per month – Well done, U Mobile!

As with most U Mobile data plans, I love the fact that they offer a 7-day Money Back Guarantee!

For more info on the U Mobile Internet Share Plan, check out the Product Page at http://www.u.com.my/phone-deals/broadband-devices


I’m personally a subscriber to U Mobile’s MB68 data plan and I’m more than happy with the service.  They have fast and reliable data connection and speed around Klang Valley, which is useful for me. Outside of their coverage, they’re on Domestic Roaming with Maxis, which means you’ll be locked on to Maxis’ network to continue usage of your phone’s voice, SMS and data. Nothing you need to do or change, it’s all taken care of on their backend.



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