Restaurant Review : Gayang Seafood Restaurant @ Tuaran, Sabah

Two months ago, I attended a dear friend’s wedding in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. That’s in Borneo Island, in East Malaysia, for those of you not local in Malaysia. *wink* Of course, when in such an exotic place like East Malaysia, everyone wanted to try the seafood in the other side of the country.

Our hotel concierge recommended us to the closest nicer seafood restaurant, which is apparently not too far away from where we were in Shangri-la Rasa Ria, Sabah. We hopped into the hotel van and it chauffered a bunch of us over to Gayang Seafood Restaurant in Tuaran, Sabah.


Ambiance and Menu

Like any other seafood restaurants, Gayang Seafood Restaurant seems to be a local favourite. It was very packed when we got there at dinner time. Our host had also apparently called ahead to make a reservation – for our tables as well as some crabs. Apparently, their seafood is so good that it gets sold out very early in the night.

The restaurant is a simple building with zinc roof where you have the showcase of all live seafood for the picking on one side where the kitchen sits behind it, and the table seating on the other.

There are no food menu. You basically pick the seafood that you want with the staff loitering around the seafood tanks, where they inform you of the weight of the seafood and the price per gram / KG.

Vast selection of seafood catches of the day

Well, there are plenty of seafood for you to select, of course. All different fresh seafood catches of the day, ranging from plenty of shell fishes (crabs, clams, oysters, lobsters, scallops), seafood (fresh or salt water fishes) and more.

The smaller crabs left, when all the bigger juicier ones are likely sold out

Lucky for our group, we called earlier to reserve some crabs for the big group of guests we have. Yeah – there were almost 30 of us split into 3 big tables.

Eels… that some of us thought were sea snakes

This tank of live eels were not very appetising for most of us. Eeek… Skipped!

The only food menu available – for vegetables

There is a table, by the entrance at the side of all the seafood display were selection of vegetables. This was the only food menu you can find at the restaurant.

As with any seafood restaurants, peanuts were served on your table. You also get a drinks menu, to order your drinks.

Drinks ordered at your table


The Food

Since there were so many of us split into 30 tables, we had some common dishes for all and some tables ordered additional items based on the preference of each table.

Here’s a collection of pictures of all the dishes we ordered at my table.

Tiger Prawns (RM 17.50)
Bamboo Clams (RM 7.50)
Oyster Omellete (RM30)

There were indeed a lot of giant oysters in this omelette. I LIKE!

Greasy Steamed Grouper (RM 60)
Scallops (RM 30)
Mangrove Crabs (RM 30 each X 2 = RM 60)
More crabs… Salted Egg Yolk style
Some local style noodle, which I forgot the name

Of course, no meal is complete unless there are some greens, right?

Assorted vegetables (between RM10 – RM12 per dish)


Pricing and Summary

Because there were so many of us in 3 tables, the bill got a little mixed up, but it was all OK.

Considering there was a table full of us (about 8 – 9 of us in my table, I think) and some of the boys were drinking some beer and all, I think this is rather affordable. I know I shouldn’t compare this with KL prices, but for all the amount of food we consumed, it was worth it.

Was it great? I have to compare this with all the amazing seafood restaurants we have in KL now… Well,  not quite. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t spectacular either. Considering we were all hungry and we were all craving some good local seafood, it was good.

I have no basis of comparison with other seafood restaurants in KK, so I shall not comment. If you live around that area, perhaps you can enlighten me? If you live nearby and have been meaning to give it a try, then by all means, do and report back.


Contact Information:-

Gayang Seafood Restaurant

Address : Kg Baharu, Jalan Sulaiman, Tuaran, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel No : + 60 (16) 810 2395

Website :