Philips Air Fryer – Deep fry without oil

When I took an Instagram picture of my Philips Air Fryer about 2 weeks ago, I got a whole lot of comments and replies. I actually bought and have been using the Air Fryer for a long time already. I bought it the day it arrived in Malaysian shores.

If you don’t already know, the Philips Air Fryer introduces a new technology of kitchen appliance convenient for people like me. I like deep fried food, but it’s way too unhealthy. The Air Fryer introduces a new way of frying your food, without the oil!!!


Philips Air Fryer overview


The Philips Air Fryer is about the size of bigger rice cooker. It sits nicely on your kitchen counter.

It’s so easy to navigate the appliance, you really don’t need to look at the manual.

Pull out the handle, pop in your food. There’s a dial at the top for the temperature, aother dial to set time. There’s a sticker on the appliance, in case you want to refer to it as a guide.  That’s it!


How does Philips Air Fryer work?

I am somewhat culinary challenged (proof here) although I have improved a lot in the last few years. But I’m still relatively lazy. I buy a lot of frozen food, or prefer to pop something in the microwave or pot and come back to it later to serve and eat.

Frozen dinners are unhealthy. I know. But I really like my fish fingers, nuggets, chicken wings and… fried chickin’. *drool*

We used to have a deep fryer in the kitchen. We used it so much, it got disgusting real quick  with the bowls of sitting oil in the fryer. Finally, one day, we broke it. It just wouldn’t work anymore. We didn’t replace it. The thought that we ate so much deep fried food that we broke the fryer scared us a little. Time to eat healthy.

Then, we heard about the Philips Air Fryer. The articles that we read online told us that you don’t need to use oil to deep fry. How is that possible? Well, apparently, it uses the oil inside the food itself to fry the food on the outside.

For example:-

  • Chicken has oil in it already. So you basically just pop in raw or marinated chicken, turn the dials (to select the time and temperature) and the chicken will come out with crispy skin, just like how it would look if you put it in a deep fryer.
  • To make chips (aka fries), cut up potato strips, sprinkle a little bit of oil on the potato, pop it in the Air Fryer and it’s your very own chips made without having to deep fry!!!

The Philips Air Fryer is now a permanent fixture in my kitchen.

Here, I pop in my favourite Ayamas Deep Fried Chicken Drummets – spicy batter and frozen.

Turn the dial at the top to set the temperature (in this case 180 degrees, as stated in the back of the packet) and the other dial above the handle (packet says 20 – 22 minutes). Now you can walk away and come back later when the fryer “dings”.


22 minutes or so later, the Air Fryer “dings” to tell you that the time is up.

Check out the delicious deep fried chicken drummets “air fried” without a single drop of oil.

You don’t have to be unhealthy like me to air-fry frozen food. The Philips Air Fryer comes with a recommended recipe book for you to cook other stuff, too. All (supposedly) deep fried food, cooked with no (or little) oil.

How does it really work? Like, you want to know how the technology work and all? Check out the Philips Air Fryer website here.

Yes, it’s true. There are recipes using the Philips Air Fryer to not only make your usual chips (or if you prefer to call it French Fries), you can also make other delicious stuff like quiche, prawns in blanket, and brownies too.


How much is it?

There was only a white version when I bought it. Today, there is a black coloured “limited edition” version on sale. Personally, the black looks way cooler. Sleek looking, black coloured kitchen appliance.

The Philips Air Fryer is retailing in Malaysia for the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM 1,199. You should be able to find it in most electrical stores, like Harvey Norman, SenHeng, Best Denki, etc.

Although I do come across very different prices in different places. At Jasons Grocers, BSC earlier today, I saw it selling for RM 1,299. My younger brother informed me that the shops in SS2 is selling it (promo prices) at RM 999.

For more information, go check out the Philips Air Fryer website here.

If you already own the Philips Air Fryer, tell me if you share my enthusiasm for it. This kitchen appliance is a life-saver for me, man.





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