Kelly Moore Ladies Camera Bag


I started getting involved with photography when I purchased my first DSLR, the Canon 60D. I don’t intend to make it a profession, I’m just a hobbyist – someone who enjoys snapping pictures. Completely self-taught and don’t intend to get too technical about it.

One thing that I wanted though, was a nice camera bag that can store my camera body, lenses, etc. I wanted one that doesn’t look like a camera bag, especially when I’m on vacations. Most difficult to find though, is a camera bag for ladies.

While Google-ing for options, I come across a site with a list of camera bags for ladies. The bag collection from Kelly Moore completely caught my eyes. She has a collection of gorgeous camera bags for ladies (and men) that don’t look like the ugly camera bags you usually see.

Go to her website and she has a beautiful catalogue of the bags with very detailed descriptions of the bags, different pictures of the bags inside and outside, options for colours, etc.

What really convince me was the videos where she showcases the bags.


2011-10-04 KellyMoore Bag (24)After looking through her catalogue, I went ahead and bought myself her B-Hobo bag in Coral colour.

Selling for USD$169, converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it was not a bad price. The good thing is, she also ships to Malaysia. However, if you are happier using a freight forwarded service, that might save you some bucks. Winking smile

The other great thing that she embeds a video where she walks through the bag so you get an idea of the size, the compartments, the straps, etc. Check out the B-Hobo video here.

B-Hobo Bag Tutorial from kelly clark on Vimeo.

The bag arrived safe and sound to my door and I was immediately impressed and happy with my purchase.

I’m happy that the bag has a flap. Sometimes, I don’t zip it so I can have easy access to my camera when I need it. So the flap keeps it (somewhat) secure. From view, at least.

Isn’t it gorgeous in “Coral” colour. If the colour is too much for you, they have the same design in other colours like Grey, Black, Mustard, Muted Blues, Greens, etc.

I also like the fact that there are 2 strap options. One for over the shoulder (like a handbag) and the other for messenger like sling bag.

2011-10-04 KellyMoore Bag (2)2011-10-04 KellyMoore Bag (5)

The messenger style strap is adjustable and has a padded section so it doesn’t hurt your shoulders when you carry it too long.

2011-10-04 KellyMoore Bag (15)

The nicely stitched brand name on the inside of the bag.

2011-10-04 KellyMoore Bag (18)

The inside of the bag is covered in foam and comes with 2 paded velcro dividers. You can customise the dividers however you like to fit your gear. I switch them around depending on what I carry.

Sometimes, when I’m on vacation, I only bring one lens, so I use the other compartments for my belongings (wallet and stuff) and the other section for a bottle of mineral water or something. Very handy, indeed.

2011-10-04 KellyMoore Bag (4)

For USD$ 169, I think this is a great buy. I would recommend anyone looking for a funky camera bag to check out Kelly Moore bags. If you don’t like this B-Hobo style, they have so many other styles.

Not only for ladies, but also very stylist masculine stuff for men, too. Like the Kelly Boy, which looks just like a regular A|X type messenger bag.

PS. This is not an advertorial. I just absolutely love this bag.

If you have a DSLR, what camera bag are you using to carry your gear?