Ionizer Review : Samsung Virus Doctor

* This device is a review unit from Samsung Malaysia*

I am constantly asked how you can tell if the ionizer is working or not. It’s not an air freshener, so it’s not exactly easy to tell if the machine is working and harder to tell if it’s any good. When I got hold of this Samsung Virus Doctor Ionizer, I was actually happy to get to review it.

First, I need to help you distinguish the difference between an air ionizer, humidifier and freshener.

  • Ionizer device that uses high voltage to ionize (electrically charge) air molecules that contains negative ions.
  • Humidifier : home appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire house.
  • Freshener : consumer products used in homes or commercial products used in restrooms that typically emit fragrance

Personally, I have used several ionizers in my home over the years. Me and my husband are prone to getting sick because of the air. We both travel on airplanes a lot for our line of work. I don’t need to tell you that people tend to get sick quite a lot in airplanes, what with the recycled air and confined spaces of other people’s germs for long durations.

Additionally, living smack in the middle of KL city centre has it’s downside when it comes to opening up your windows to air the apartment with air pollution.

Samsung Virus Doctor
Unboxing the Samsung Virus Doctor

The Samsung Virus Doctor Ionizer boasts a revolutionary air purifying technology that is internationally certified. Read all about the technology and the features on Samsung’s website here.

Some of their advertised features includes:-

  • Eliminating biological contaminants
  • Neutralizes active oxygen radicals
  • Superb elimination of over 99% airborne viruses
  • Internationally certified

Last February, I organised my annual Chinese New Year Open House party. I invited over 30 of my friends to come over for dinner and the traditional Chinese New Year gambling session.

Chinese New Year Open House

This year, Chinese New Year weather was a combination of scorching heat and monsoon rains. Being hot and cold already with the outside weather, it also doesn’t help when you are in and out of air conditioned houses throughout the celebration when you go house visiting.

Having so many friends in my home was fun. I also had a handful of friends who were on the verge of getting flu due to the weather. Add to that, I have my nephew who is very sensitive to contaminated air.

The Virus Doctor was very helpful on this faithful night. Although I banned smoking in the apartment (guests had to smoke outside on the balcony), it was a blessing to have the ionizer work its magic that night.

Samsung Virus Doctor
Small, portable and looks good in your room

It’s a tiny thing this ionizer. Measuring only 25.5cm in height. It is helluva lot smaller than ionizers I had in the past that used to look like air conditioner compressors or electric generators.

Samsung Virus Doctor
Ambient animated lights

Also, I love how it looks. The unit I have was pink and it had beautiful ambient glowing lights at the bottom. It also has moving little crystal lights that shows you it’s working its magic.

Samsung Virus Doctor
What does Samsung Virus Doctor do?

The box comes with the ionizer and an adapter cable. The packaging was small and clearly states the features of the product.

Samsung Virus Doctor
S-Plasma ion on Samsung Virus Doctor
Samsung Virus Doctor - S-Plasma ion
Info on S-Plasma ion on the box

Without being too geeky, Samsung has also perfected a revolutionary technology called S-Plasma ion. Check out more info on their product site or you’ll also see it on the box packaging.

Samsung Virus Doctor
Touch sensitive controls

The controls of the ionizer is touch sensitive. No more ugly hardware buttons. As you can see from the picture above, the top button turns on the ambient light (which are so cool, they look like a lava lamp). The fan button is in the middle, when the ionizer helps circulate the air and purifies it. The bottom button is the power on/off button.

Samsung Virus Doctor
Top of the Samsung Virus Doctor with Power On/Off access

The top of the ionizer allows you to twist to open / close the vent. This works when you turn on the fan function for the air circulation and purifying process.


So, how do I know that the ionizer worked?

Well. My husband just got home from a long haul flight that week and was on a very close verge of getting a nasty flu that might ruin his Chinese New Year celebration. He was home bound that holiday week. The ionizer actually cleaned the air in the apartment throughout the week I had it and he did not get sick at all.

My biggest test for the ionizer was for my Chinese New Year party. I have a few “sensitive” friends who usually gets in a sneezing fit when in a crowded room, especially when there’s second hand cigarette smoke present. That didn’t happen on my Open House night as well.

I was a little sad to have to return the ionizer. I was getting accustomed to it since my last ionizer broke. (Confession : I broke a few ionizers in my days) Now that I am on the hunt for a new ionizer to replace my last broken one, I might just go and pick this one up.


Have you used any ionizers before? Perhaps you have an air conditioner that has ionizing functions?

If you’re looking to get one, I would recommend this Samsung Virus Doctor. It looks good and it does the job handsomely. What more can you ask for?

For more info, check out the Samsung Virus Doctor on their Product Page at