World Cup 2010 Official Song

It’s the most anticipated sporting event of the world is here again. It’s world Cup 2010 – this time in South Africa.

Being a Malaysian, although not a huge football fan,, there are absolutely no way of avoiding the football fever. One of the better things about the joy of this football season is the celebration, unity and passion that you’ll witness everywhere.

I am getting in the mood myself, especially after watching the Official World Cup song. This year performed by Shakira, entitled “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”. I’ve looped this song a million times already and it
s now permanently stuck in my head.

Check out the song and official video here…

Tell me it’s not a catchy tune?

Additionally, Shakira’s official YouTube channel here is challenging YouTubers to post their dance to the Waka Waka and post it up on the Official Waka Waka channel here. Watch the video here…

Now, should I attempt to post a video response?