Google Nexus One – Web Video Series

There has been quite a lot of hype on the Google phone – Nexus One that runs on Google’s mobile operating system, Android. I have been tempted to get this phone, even though it is not officially available in Malaysia. There are definitely other ways to get it.

I have been following the forum thread for this phone on as well. Click here to check out the forum of Malaysian Nexus One owners.

Google had the best channel to advertise their Google Superphone – on Google! They’ve also recently introduced us to a web series of documentary on the Google Nexus One through their YouTube channel.

Check out the 4 minisodes here.

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 1: Concept & Design

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 2: Display & 3D Framework

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 3: Testing

Nexus One: The Story – Episode 4: Manufacturing

 Nexus One: The Story – Episode 5: Day One