No blog update, but I’m on Twitter

It has truly been awhile since I posted my last blog. Even that was because it was topic that got me so wound up about the whole “Allah” issue and church arson here in Malaysia, that is not resolved til today.

Nevertheless, I have been rather pre-occupied with work and personal life that I have not had the luxury of time to pen down a long post on my blog here. I have not even had a time to post my monthly vlog on YouTube (which has disappointed me tremendously).

I hope to post a blog / vlog this weekend. Until then, it doesn’t mean that I have stopped giving my readers updates on what’s going on in tech and celebrity gossip lately. Just follow my Twitter and get all the juice!

Everything from Google Nexus One launch, CES new technological innovation to Simon Cowell leaving American Idol and Michael C. Hall’s cancer announcement. I am updated on Twitter.

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