Buy your coffin online

I love it when I come across weird stuff online. I also love it when I hear about another silly American story. Mashable released an article today about Walmart selling their coffins online. Yes, they’re helping you save a couple of bucks by buying your coffin online.

Check out the article here >
Walmart Caskets : Buy Your Final Resting Place Online

I wonder who buys their caskets online. Also, how will you know when you’ll need it? Do you store them in your store room until you need it? do you buy it for someone else? A relative lying in the hospital? How would you know if the coffin will fit? How will you know the quality? How will you know if they will ruin it during the shipment? Do they provide money back guarantee? So many questions!!!

This piece of news even made it on “Philip DeFranco Show” on YouTube sXephil channel. Check it out here.

What’s weird about this news is that i found out not much later by Google-ing it that CostCo have been selling their coffins online for the last 2 years. Walmart has only just joined in the market of online coffins. Now, that is even more ridiculous!

Read the other article here > Wal-mart joins CostCo in the coffin business

Check out the “Product Recommendations” on the right on the Online Site here. They also sell Casket Spray in an assortment of frangrance – like Floral Meadows, Pink roses and Feminine!!! I am speechless.

Just when you think the Americans can’t surprise us anymore.