HTC Touch Pro 2 LowYat Forum thread

I have been using my HTC Touch Pro 2 for awhile now. Got it almost immediately after it is available in the Malaysian market. As some of you know, I made a quick video edit on my review of this beautiful device. I omitted the technical previews and focused only on the cool features I like about this phone.

Check out the YouTube video here.

The best acknowledgement of all about making this video (other than the 6,000+ views I have) is being featured on the official thread on the forum here. is a local IT site with a very extensive forum on all things technology and mobile. The KL-ites would know that Low Yat is the IT mall in KL where you can search for all things IT cheap and in abundance.

To be featured on the official thread of the HTC Touch Pro 2 owner’s forum is the biggest acknowledgement I can ever have. Now I’m getting more views on my video. Also, this inspries me to make more videos on this in future.

So, any sponsors to get me a phone to review?