Nicole Richie – Does she look scary or is it me?

My jaw dropped when I recently saw her picture all over the tabloid magazines of her ridiculously skinny frame. I remembered how it all started.
She was complaining that everyone kept refering to her as the chubby one when The Simple Life first hit TV screens. Then the Oprah show and everyone hears about the estranged daughter and her drug habits. She was in and out of rehab and announced that she’s finally clean. Then, some silly arguement with Paris Hilton and suddenly, they’re not talking anymore. But Paris Hilton is another entire different discussion altogether.
So, Nicole started dieting, working out (whatever) and lost some weight. She looked good for awhile. Was at the bookstore and saw Nicole’s book on the shelves. She looked skinny at her book tour pictures – heck, even on the cover of her book!!!
And now, I go to the newstand, and all these Hello! and OK! and National Enquirer magazines starts plastering her horrifying anorexic pictures… Oh, someone please… tell the girl to stop dieting and start eating.. Come on, shove a real Double Whopper down your throat, please… and not throw it up 2 seconds after.
The woman’s beyond skin and bones… Geez!